WWF WrestleMania XV Full Results and notes.
Marc Middleton (March 28, 1999)
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WWF WrestleMania XV
March 28th, 1999
Philadelphia, PA
Hosts: Michael Cole, Dok Hendrix, Jerry Lawler, Kevin Kelly, Jim Ross.

Hardcore Holly D. Billy Gunn & Al Snow
A triple threat match up for the Hardcore Title saw Hardcore Holly win his 2nd Hardcore Title.

Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart D. Test and Dlo Brown
For the Tag Titles, Test and Dlo were forced to tag. Interference from PMS and Debra helped Jeff and Owen hold onto the titles.

Butterbean D. Bart Gunn
The Brawl for All match up lasted about 2 minutes. Butterbean hit one hard right, then another scoring a 1st round KO.

Mankind D. Paul Wight via DQ
Who would become the main event referee? Mankind saw a win via DQ when Wight choke slammed him through 2 chairs. Then, Foley was shipped to the hospital and Wight arrested after assaulting Vince McMahon. Vince then named himself the referee

Road Dog D. Val Venis, Goldust and Ken Shamrock
A 4 corners match for the IC title saw no title change. Val Venis and Ken Shamrock were counted out. Later, Ryan Shamrock held Goldust's foot enabling Road Dog to hold onto the title.

Kane D. Triple H via DQ
Chyna effected this match. She turned on Kane, but only to get HHH DQed by hitting Kane with a chair. Triple H and Chyna then reunited.

Sable D. Tori
Nicole Bass, made her WWF debut and destroyed Tori in the meantime. She attacked Tori while the ref wasn't looking, letting Sable get the pin and hold on to the Women's title.

Shane McMahon D. X-Pac
Shane held onto the European title with the help of X-pac's former friends, Chyna and Triple H. Chyna distracted the ref, and HHH Pedigreed X-pac, then put Shane on X-pac for the pin. Chyna and Helmsley left with the Corporation.

Undertaker D. Bossman
Bossman lost his Hell in a Cell match. He did good, but a Tombstone Piledriver ended it for him. The Brood then brought a rope to 'Taker and Paul Bearer brought the cage up as Bossman was lynched from the top of the arena.

Steve Austin D. The Rock
Shawn Michaels came out. He said Vince couldn't be the ref, so he appointed a WWF referee to officiate the match. After many Rockbottom's and Stunner attempts and many referees, Steve Austin hit a Stunner on The Rock winning the World Title, with Mankind returning to be the referee. After the match and a few beers, he got revenge on Vince McMahon with a Stunner and beer bath.

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