Detailed report, news and notes of the WWF WrestleMania Rage Party + 95 Images of the event.
Marc Middleton (March 27, 1999)
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WWF WrestleMania Rage Party
Saturday March 27th, 1999
Philadelphia, PA

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- Rage Party kicked off with The Corporation without The Rock entering to a ton of fans. Then, Isaac Hayes did a song for everyone, looked like he was having fun. During his song, it showed Droz in the audience interacting with the fans.

- Dok Hendrix does an intro for The Rock. Rocky enters the arena to a loud pop. Rock said Philly is his home away from home. Rocky stands aside Paul Wight, grabs the mic and says how Steve Austin wishes he had a deal with Wight. Rock went on how he would beat Austin at WM XV. After the interview, Vince and Shane ask where the Stooges are. They're shown in the lobby trying to get in without a ticket.

- Camera goes to Sable's dressing room. The hosts of USA's new show, Happy Hour which debuts this Saturday come in and mark out. They ask Sable to appear on their show one Saturday, she says OK, but before she can finish they rejoice and leave. She says all she was going to say was OK, get out. Sable "acted" like she wanted nothing to do with them.

- Shows Dok Hendrix on the balcony. Shane takes over, says he's going to do this Shane McMahon style and go visit Debra.

- Commercial.

- Back from commercial. Stooges are in the lobby thinking up a plan to get in the party.

- Michael Cole on the balcony with Sable. Cole wants a word with her, she's too busy dancing. She continues to strut her stuff.

- Shane McMahon is on the dance floor with Debra McMichael. Shane grinds with Debra. She continues to dance with the fans.

- Mick Foley comes out and does a stand up comic routine. He says he has a leg injury, therefore "limpin' aint easy." Says his uncle hasn't been seen since he went fishing, therefore "shrimpin' aint easy." Foley does a more "aint easy" jokes and an Al Snow joke and a Socko joke. Foley closes with, on behalf of all the WWF superstars, he has two words for you... "MMMM Beefy."

- Commercial break. Does a preview of the WM XV main event of Austin Vs. The Rock.

- Back from commercial. The Godfather is at the back of the arena with two Hoe's He tells the guard to look out for two more Hoe's in a little while. When they get here, send them to his suite. Behind the Godfather are two people dressed as a horse. The guard lets them in. They take the costume off and it's Brisco and Patterson. Brisco said Patterson farted in his face. The guard sees who they are and throws them out.

- Shane McMahon introduces Big Pun AKA Big Punisher to the crowd. He comes on stage with his crew and performs his hit, "I'm Not a Playa.'" There's a few clips of Terri Runnels and Jackie, PMS dancing.

- Commercial. There's an ad for the WrestleMania album.

- Back from commercial. The Stooges are attempting to get in the arena again, dressed as women. The guard throws them out. Big Pun is still performing. The Corporation watches on.

- DX's theme hits, enters Degeneration X. Outlaws, HHH and X-Pac come down an escalator ready to party. They make their way through the crowd with a mic in hand. The Corporation with some ladies look on. DX is on stage, getting everyone hyped. They do their usual intros. Close with if you're not down with them, two words, Suck It.

- Shows The Stooges in the back still in their women attire trying to get in the party. Brisco is pissed at Patterson. Patterson says he knows how to get in the party.

- Commercial.

- Back from commercial. Shane, Vince and Rocky tell Kane to loosen it up, cause it's a party. The Stooges finally appear. Vince is heated and sends them to the limo after his briefcase.

- Val Venis' theme song plays. Val's on stage in nothing but a towel. He wants to introduce a band that has a lot in common with the Big Valbowski. He introduces the Cherry Poppendaddies. They do that one song of theirs. They're done and want to bring out a special guest. The Undertaker's bells toll.

- The Undertaker is on the stage with the Ministry. He talks about his Hell in a Cell match with Bossman. He says Bossman's loss will come quickly, but he will suffer. Taker says when Bossman is sent straight to hell, nothing will be in the way of him and "her." Her probably meaning Stephanie McMahon. Taker says he will take her by the hand into darkness, as one, forever. McMahon looks on frightened. Taker closes by saying "this is your destiny."

- Commercial.

- Back from commercial. Stooges are shows at the limo getting Vince's briefcase. The car alarm sounds. A guard comes out, thinks Stooges are doing harm to the car. Brisco says they should call it a night.

- As the show fades to commercial, Steve Austin is shown entering the lobby area walking to the escalator on his way to the party.

- Back from commercial. Poppendaddies are still on stage finishing up. The glass breaks, here comes Austin. Corporation looks on dumbfounded. Dok Hendrix introduces Austin. Austin walks out on stage, finishes up a beer. Talks about his WM XV match. Doesn't give a damn about the ref, whether it's Foley or Wight, all they have to do it count 1-2-3. Gets on the Rock, how he's still coming out here spitting out nursery rhymes. Says if he has to drink more beer on TV, increase the language, whatever, he'll cause Vince hell. Closes with the bottom line is Austin will be the champion tomorrow.

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