205 Live News, Speculation, And Whether They’re Taping This Week

There’s still no official word on why 205 Live was cancelled last week at the very last minute. There is some speculation that it was cancelled because there were Fox higher-ups in the audience. The WWE didn’t want them to see the audience leaving. The crowd size tends to die down for 205 Live and they didn’t want Fox getting the impression that one of their shows couldn’t keep the audience’s attention.

The idea to cancel the show was made late in the day. The decision was so late that several key members of production didn’t even know about it until after Smackdown had started even though the news was already on the internet. Everyone on the roster was flown in and there was an official card made backstage. The WWE made a few Twitter posts announcing new matches for the show, then quickly deleted them.

The official word for the public is that 205 Live is still airing this week. Sources who are top employees within the company are saying that it most likely won’t happen, however, not to take it as though 205 Live is dead. They decided to cancel the taping on the same week they changed the show from Tuesdays to Fridays. Triple H made the comment last week that 205 Live would slowly be presented more often within NXT which is leading some to believe the two brands will be permanently merged soon.

(Credit: www.f4wonline.com)

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