AAA Owner Gives His Thoughts On NXT Potentially Expanding Into Mexico

Dorian Roldan, the owner of AAA, recently spoke with Super Lucha. During the interview, he discussed whether he thought the WWE would expand their NXT brand into Mexico and whether how he would feel about the potential for a competitive market. He also gave his thoughts on AEW. Here are the highlights:

On How’d He Feel If NXT Expanded Into Mexico:

WWE is an impressive machine, but if you look at the WWE numbers from 2014 to date, they have a very clear strategy. Mexico is not a territory that is important to them in terms of income. In fact, Latin America, as a market, is the one that represents them the least. Europe is a very strong market for them, the same as India; what they are doing in the Middle East is crazy. Latin America does not stop seeing it, but they see it out of the corner of their eyes. They are not focused on having your product enter one hundred percent here, and today they have other priorities, such as growing the subscriber base of the WWE Network, knowing how to use all the talent they have and generating more content for their platform. [They are] welcome. I believe that competition is always good. I do not doubt that they can achieve it, although they have more strategic markets – they have just made the biggest tryout in China – and they need someone to operate Mexico. Mexico has a beauty, it is a very open market, but at the same time we have barriers and business borders, and it would be difficult, not impossible, for them to get an open television channel.


What AEW has achieved with the Double or Nothing and what I think they’re going to announce means that WWE starts having competition. I do not know what size, because you can not compare a company that quotes between 6.5 and 7 billion dollars with another that will invest 100 million in the span of three years. But I do not want to compete frontally with WWE; I want to attack the Hispanic market.

You can listen to the interview below:

Credit: Super Lucha. H/T 411Mania.

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