Adam “Hangman” Page On Wanting To Be AEW’s Top Guy & More

Adam “Hangman” Page was a recent guest on “The Ross Report”. During the interview, he discussed his desire to be the #1 attraction in AEW as well as why he feels like he’s been overshadowed by “The Bullet Club”. Here are the highlights:

On Wanting To Maximize His Minutes With NJPW:

Every step you take [in NJPW], you’re surrounded by people who are better than you to some extent, so, I mean, you naturally get a little better, I think. They do a ton of those multi-man tag team [matches], so you might have a six, an eight, or hell, a 10-man tag [match], and it’s 10 minutes, and so you’ve really got to pick and choose what you do and you’ve got to make those tiny moments count because that’s all you’ve got. And that’s sort of my mentality having that many people and I think that sort of helped a lot in making the most out of a little bit.

On The Pros & Cons Of Multi-Man Matches:

I mean, I think it [has] got its pluses and minuses. I think the obvious minuses are if it’s a big show or whatever, no, not everybody deserves to be on the big show honestly, so there’s that. And I think a lot of the time when there are those matches that are the 10-man tags that are just sort of thrown together, blah, blah, blah, whatever, who cares? Really, kind of who cares because you know that it doesn’t necessarily matter who wins and who loses, whatever, you’re just kind of there for fun. But, at the same time, I think they do give guys who otherwise wouldn’t be on the show, a chance to kind of develop, and for people to see them, for people to care about them. Like, I know that I took advantage of that. I benefited from those kinds of scenarios too. They have their pluses and minuses, I think.

On Wanting To Be The Top Guy With AEW & Not Be Overshadowed By The Bullet Club:

I do [want the responsibility of being the top guy] and I’ll tell you like this. For the past, I guess, three years or so when I joined Bullet Club and as a member of The Elite, I was honestly kind of in the shadow of all of my friends. Cody, he’s world traveled. Obviously, he had his WWE career. The Young Bucks being on of the best tag teams of all time, champions all over the world. And Kenny [Omega], right? The best in the game. So I always felt like I was kind of in their shadow a little bit. And with All Elite [Wrestling], they are still competing, they’re still wrestling, but I feel like for the first time in their careers, that’s not their main focus or their only focus. They are now… everyone is an Executive Vice President, apparently, except for me. I’m a talent. Yes, I am [prepared for the pressure of anchoring a weekly TV broadcast on a major network]. I’ve watched these guys do it my entire career. I sat on the sidelines while they did it. And I want to make sure, at the end of the day, do you know what I mean, I want to make sure that All Elite Wrestling, this entire thing [that has] been building the last few years, has not been something that I’ve just taken away from. It’s something that I have contributed to and want to give back to. Do you know what I mean? That I’m not just a guy on the sidelines running away with all the cash. I want to make sure I’m giving my part back. And yeah, I’m early in my career. I’m 27 [years old]. I think more than anyone else in the group, I’m the most focused on my in-ring career at this point because I have a long way to go. So throw me in the water. Sink or swim, we’ll see what the hell happens. But [Ross] is right, if you don’t want to be champion, if you don’t want to be the top guy, you have no business being there in the first place.

You can listen to the full interview below:

Credit: The Ross Report. H/T WrestlingInc.

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