Alberto Del Rio Says Terrible Things About Paige On Social Media

In a recent Instagram post, former WWE superstar Alberto Del RIo (now known as Alberto El Patron) released a photo of himself at a dinner with some friends including Sin Cara. When a random fan commented on the picture claiming the woman who sat next to him was far more attractive than his former girlfriend, SmackDown general manager Paige, Alberto responded with some harsh mean spirited words.

Yes and this one doesn’t have more than 9 police reports against her, or 3 arrests in different states or committed in 2 mental hospitals like the one you mentioned did…and with real evidence not just lies from her LOSER BROTHER.

If you recall back in 2017, Alberto and Paige were constantly in the headlines throughout the wrestling world with their toxic relationship always being the topic on hand. Tensions escalated that eventually led to them separating from one another, an obvious healthy choice for Paige considering how Alberto has a history of holding onto a grudge. See the post below.

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