Aleister Black Discusses Johnny Gargano On Social Media

On the most recent episode of NXT, Johnny Gargano was revealed as the person behind the attack on Aleister Black several months ago. Aleister Black took to social media to respond to the revelation. He posted a message regarding Gargano on Instagram. Here is the full post:

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The truth? Feeding people something comfortable that he knows you will get behind? Johnny does the exact same thing the media does, distracting you from what is really going on. And some of you are actually buying it. He wouldn’t lie to you? Then why did it take Nikki Cross ratting him out for him to “speak the truth”? I know what you really fear, John. More than anything you fear losing their adoration, you fear being alone. That’s why you are feeding them this. So you like being in the darkness? You couldn’t even handle being upfront when talking about being upfront, so putting your hoodie up like some moody teenager doesn’t make you dark, it makes you a dork. But I understand John, I understand that someone who’s mentally frail needs all these crutches to feel better about himself. You didn’t send a message to your beloved fans, you needed to record and hear the words you said outloud so you could convince your own ego, because deep down inside that little bleep of doubt that you feel John, at one point you won’t be able to ignore and push that down, but at that point it is already too late and all you are, own and represent will fade out, it will simply fade to black.

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Aleister Black is set to face off with Johnny Gargano at NXT Takeover: Wargames on Saturday, November 17th.

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