Alex Marvez On Why Vince McMahon Is Successful, AEW's TV Deal With Turner

Alex Marvez On Why Vince McMahon Is Successful, AEW’s TV Deal With Turner

AEW announcer Alex Marvez was recently a guest on “Busted Open Radio”. During the appearance, he praised Vince McMahon for all that he has done for the wrestling business, and discussed AEW’s television deal with Turner. Here are the highlights:

On The Great Work Vince McMahon Has Done:

So much credit to Vince McMahon in this regard, he has helped change the perception of pro wrestling in so many ways. Remember, wrestling struggled to get high-class advertisers for such a long time. That’s one of the reasons why he doesn’t want to call it pro wrestling, it’s sports entertainment. For him, it’s all about the money. If Vince could make millions of dollars calling it pro wrestling, he wouldn’t have a problem with that.

When you think about why WCW got canceled in the first place. There were lots of headaches behind the scenes, the company was losing money, and it was difficult to sell pro wrestling to mainstream advertisers. Wrestling was a niche product. I believe now that wrestling is mainstream, even though the ratings are down for RAW and SmackDown. We have a generation of people growing up who know all of the WWE guys and watch WrestleMania every year.

On AEW’s Deal With Turner:

I’m so glad Turner took the plunge, and this isn’t your daddy’s Turner. You’re talking about an agreement with Bleacher Report, the streaming online, there are so many things we can do. It’s still in the infancy stages, but you’re talking about another component to continue to enhance the brand and product. It’s great to be on cable, don’t get me wrong, but it’s the icing on the cake to get to work with the preeminent sports streaming service online.

You can listen to the interview below:

Credit: Busted Open Radio. H/T Wrestlezone.


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