Alexa Bliss Suffered Multiple Concussions In A Short Period Of Time, Bliss Responds To Retirement Rumors

WWE Money In the Bank

Dave Meltzer of “The Wrestling Observer” is reporting that Alexa Bliss’s health problems could be more serious than originally anticipated. Bliss was unable to wrestle at WWE Evolution as a result of a concussion that she suffered earlier that week. According to Meltzer, this wasn’t the first concussion that Bliss suffered, as she had gotten several others within the span of a couple months.

With rumors swirling about her health and how her concussions could potentially lead to her retirement, Alexa Bliss took to Twitter to dispel that notion:

Bliss is scheduled to be the Raw team captain for the women’s Survivor Series elimination match. It is possible that in light of the concussions, the WWE will change course tomorrow night on Raw. LOP will bring more information on this story as it becomes available.

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