Alexa Bliss Talks More About the Negative Fan Chants During WWE RAW Match

As reported earlier, Alexa Bliss and Naomi took to Twitter after last night’s WWE RAW to react to the negative fan chants during the Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match, which saw Natalya win over Carmella, Bliss and Naomi to earn a WWE SummerSlam title shot against RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch. The match saw fans lose interest more than once, which led to various negative chants – “this is awful!” and “boring!” There were also chants for Sasha Banks and dueling chants for John Cena.

Bliss reacted to the negative chants on Twitter after the match and wrote, “Just Disrespectful.”

Naomi also posted an apparent reaction as she tweeted the “woozy face” emoji.

In an update, Bliss made another comment on the chants after responding to a fan who chimed in.

The fan wrote, “Booing is fine. Telling a character they suck is fine. But outright shitting on the workers as they’re out there busting their asses? Uneccessary. That chant was personal and directed at the effort of the talent as if they weren’t giving it all they had.”

Bliss responded, “Yes we encourage reactions, cheering & booing & chants . We don’t encourage people to be rude”

Below are the related tweets along with comments from a fan that Bliss re-posted last night:


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