Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Responds To Cody Rhodes' Interracial Marriage Comments

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Responds To Cody Rhodes’ Interracial Marriage Comments

During last night’s media scrum following AEW’s Double or Nothing pay per view, Cody Rhodes was asked by WWE Hall of Famer and Busted Open Radio’s Mark Henry about his decision to diversify within AEW. Rhodes, who is in an interracial marriage with Brandi Rhodes, shared a conversation he had with his wife about viewing and understanding the different perspectives/experiences that diverse groups go through.

I’m in an interracial marriage and I’ve learned a lot that I would have never known. At one time, I told Brandi, ‘I don’t see color’ and she said, ‘Then you don’t see my experience.’ I thought, ‘You’re right, I can’t just say that.’ You need to be able to see the experience or at least just understand it.

Rhodes would go on to explain that AEW will not make diversity a PR element, but that he is really proud how the best wrestlers in the industry today have a very diverse profile.

The old territory system of just one. That’s out. The best wrestlers are gonna field the game and that’s a very diverse profile. I’m really proud it. We’re gonna promote them as wrestlers. We’re not gonna make it a PR element for us. And I’m really proud of that because it’s about the wrestling.

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez saw footage of the American Nightmare’s comments, and retweeted it out with a statement thanking Rhodes for sharing his experience.


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