Alicia Atout On Signing With MLW & How It Adjusted Her Schedule

Alicia Atout On Signing With MLW & How It Adjusted Her Schedule

During an interview with Fightful, Alicia Atout spoke on signing with MLW and the way it has impacted her work schedule. Here’s what she had to say:

They pretty much reached out to me, saying “Hey, we like what you do. We’d like to have you onboard.” After a bit of discussion it seemed like a great fit. I already love the locker room. I have so many friends there. Management seemed to be absolutely wonderful. Everyone’s hard working. So, I’m excited to be the newest member of the family.”

So typically they have a day where they’ll tape usually its four weeks worth of things in one day and then a pre-tape day. Which is totally different. It’s a new format that I’m not used to, I think it’s kinda cool. ‘Cause you can kind take things easy. It’s not all rushed, which sometimes that’s not the most fun thing to deal with. So, I’m excited about that. As far as conventions and other shows and bookings go I can still do as I please which is exciting as well. So, I get to make their stuff a priority ‘cause I really want to show them they made a good choice bringing me on. The fans have been welcoming already.

You can listen to the interview below:

Credit: Fightful.


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