Arn Anderson On If He Believes C.M. Punk Got Treated Fairly During His WWE Run

Arn Anderson On If He Believes C.M. Punk Got Treated Fairly During His WWE Run

CM Punk

During his ARN podcast, Arn Anderson revealed that he believes C.M. Punk was treated fairly during his time with the WWE as a wrestler. Here are the highlights:

On Punk’s Run With The WWE:

I think he had a pretty good run. If you look at every piece of talent in its entirety, and who was pushed properly, who was able to do what on TV, who made money, what was the length of their tenure as champion… I think he had a pretty fair run. I know he was able to talk them into trusting him to do the pipe bomb promo and those are the things people seem to remember. There’s nothing like being able to look at your boss and telling him to F off. That’s what got Austin over and made him special and he was the first to able do it.

On How Steve Austin Provided The Blueprint For C.M. Punk:

It opened the door later down the road and Punk did the same thing with The Authority. You don’t have that happen very often. It was a rare time in the business and it has sustained him in the wrestling fans’ eyes to this day.

On C.M. Punk Creating ‘Urn Anderson’:

It was probably his. The urn had to do with him stealing from The Undertaker. He popped into a production meeting and had the thing in his hand, and everybody looked at it and figured out what it was – and Urn Anderson – and everybody started laughing. He came over and got a quick pic with me. It was a spontaneous deal. He interrupted a production meeting, got the pic and out the door he went.

It wasn’t planned – imagine that – something spontaneous.

You can listen to the podcast below:

Credit: ARN. H/T WrestlingInc.


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