Arn Anderson Responds To Daniel Tosh

On a recent episode of the ARN Podcast “Ask Arn Anything”, Conrad Thompson asked AA if he is aware that Daniel Tosh has been trashing him for the past 11 years. Arn said he is aware and revealed he gets asked by fans, at autograph signings, all the time about Tosh. Conrad wished for Arn to “spinebuster the shit out of Daniel Tosh” and would love to make that happen. Arn said most of his career he’s been under contract to companies that would not allow him to participate in any kind of outside activities but right now he’s not under contract to anybody and can do anything he wants. Arn would lay out a potential challenge which prompted Daniel to have a segment on Tosh.0 titled “The Arn Sucks Podcast”.

Tosh opens up the segment saying, “After 11 years of randomly calling our Arn Anderson, for no reason other than I hated him as a child, he finally took the bait.” Tosh would go on to say, “When a creampuff like Arn Anderson shoots on you, you’ve got no choice but to fight podcast with podcast.” Watch the full segment below:

After that aired on Comedy Central, Arn would release a video on his Twitter account. In the video Arn says that he never knew what the beef with Tosh was until today, an acknowledgment of Tuesday’s airing of Tosh.0, where Daniel says he hates Arn because he never liked him when he was a kid. Arn would later say, “We have some rules when you live in my world Daniel. One of them is, you don’t pick a fight with a guy thats already pissed off. Probably don’t overmatch yourself in a fight either. It’s not a good idea. We only got one last thing to deal with, don’t we? We gotta figure out if your balls are as big as your mouth. See ya soon Daniel”.


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