Aubrey Edwards On Feedback She's Received From Earl Hebner

Aubrey Edwards On Feedback She’s Received From Earl Hebner

During an interview with CBS Miami, Aubrey Edwards revealed the feedback that she’s received from Earl Hebner regarding her refereeing. Here’s what she had to say:

So after the match at All Out with Jericho and Page, I walked to the back, and I’m just kind of like, “Oh my God, that happened.” And I see Earl, and I’m like, “Do you have any feedback?” He goes, my feedback is, “I’m going to put my resume together, because you might’ve put me out of a job. He’s a sweetheart. Super supportive guy. I’m thrilled and blessed, whatever word you like. Grateful. I could come up with the adjectives all day, but to have him on our team and be able to learn from him and get feedback from him, it’s like he’s Earl frigging Hebner. Right? It’s insane. But everyone’s got their favorite refs. I have my favorite reference is Bryce Remsburg. He’s the GOAT. I love him. I’ve taken so many things from him when we were on the indies and then now we’re working together every day. It’s great.

You can read the interview HERE.

Credit: CBS Miami.


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