Awesome Kong On Why Jim Ross Didn't Think She'd Make It In Wrestling

Awesome Kong On Why Jim Ross Didn’t Think She’d Make It In Wrestling

Awesome Kong was one of the speakers at the Netflix Scene Stealers panel. During the panel, she revealed that one of her motivating factors was that Jim Ross once told her that she’d never make it in the wrestling business due to her size. Here is what she had to say:

I went on a show called Tough Enough, it was to have a WWE contract, and Jim Ross, who was an announcer there, told me I’d never make it in wrestling because of my size, and that gave me the fire to be like, “Watch this.” So a friend of mine got me on a show, a Discovery Health show – and it introduced me to a Dojo in Los Angeles where Chyna was training. She did a surprise segment for me, and that Dojo inspired me to go to Japan. I only planned to be there for two weeks, and it turned into six years.

Credit: Netflix. H/T Wrestlezone.


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