Backstage News on WWE NXT Stars Making More Money, Vince McMahon’s Involvement with NXT on USA Network, More

It’s believed that WWE NXT Superstars will receive new contracts soon due to the move to the USA Network, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

There’s no word yet on details of the contracts but word is that they will see NXT talents receive pay that is closer to what main roster Superstars are making, at least the top tier talents from what they are making now. This has not been confirmed, but word going around is that all developmental deals will be changed over to main roster deals soon.

WWE will likely raise their offers to potential incoming talents from here on out.

As noted, estimates from market analysts have the NXT – USA Network TV deal will bring $30 million per year for WWE. The Observer noted that the deal appears to be for two years.

Regarding potential changes to the NXT process now that the show is moving to the USA Network, word is that the brand will continue on its same path with Triple H in charge, and no Kevin Dunn or Vince McMahon.

It was noted that the WWE Chairman will likely stay hands-off for the most part, at least as long as the NXT ratings are good. Vince doesn’t have much free time as it is these days, and he will be even busier when his XFL football league launches in February 2020. Vince would likely get more involved if AEW ends up winning the Wednesday Night War ratings. A lot to do with NXT’s future is up in the air and open to change at this point, including a possible move out of Full Sail Live, the increased use of major main roster Superstars, and other ideas, suggestions or changes.

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