Backstage Talk on Possible Creative Plans for WWE Veteran, Local Gear for the Push

WWE booked The Miz in a stronger role on this week’s RAW, after booking him to be on the losing end of several significant matches and angles for a while, leading to a feeling that he was only being pushed to put over other people in his feuds, including Shane McMahon.

Dave Meltzer speculated during Wrestling Observer Radio that the Miz TV angle with Miz beating up Dolph Ziggler after he mentioned Maryse, is the first step in getting Miz back to being a serious character.

“He [Miz] was supposed to be one of the main guys, like a main babyface on RAW, near the top, and then they just kept using him to get other people over, and then all of a sudden he’s not over at that level. So now they’re trying whatever it is to erase it or just get him going, and they need to do it by saying, ‘OK, yeah so he wasn’t serious enough, now we’ve got a new guy and now he’s serious.’ This is step one on that,” Meltzer said.

There’s still no word yet on where they are headed with the new more serious direction for Miz, but we know that, at least as of this week, there are no plans to do Miz vs. Ziggler at the WWE SummerSlam PPV. It should be interesting to see which Superstar WWE puts with The Miz to help get him back to where they wanted him.

Another sign of the new babyface run for Miz is the local-themed t-shirts that they are releasing. The Long Island t-shirt, seen in the promo below, was referenced by Ziggler in Monday’s Miz TV promo. Ziggler insulted Miz for becoming something he used to hate, a corporate yes-man selling t-shirts.


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