Backstage Talk on WWE SmackDown/RAW and 205 Live Differences – Gorilla Position, How Characters Are Booked

It was said by Bryan Alvarez on the latest Wrestling Observer Live show that the Gorilla Position is a “ghost town” during the weekly WWE 205 Live episodes, especially compared to how busy the backstage area is for Smackdown. There aren’t as many people in the Gorilla area watching the matches or doing their work while 205 Live is going on as a lot of people leave the arena and go home or back to their hotels after Smackdown ends. It’s no secret that the same goes for fans in the arena when 205 Live begins – many fans leave the arena after Smackdown, which is why WWE often holds the big dark match of the night after 205 Live goes off the air.

There was also a discussion on WOL about how different the characters are on 205 Live. An example is how this week’s Raw had Drake Maverick being booked in a comedy angle with the 24/7 Championship while Mike Kanellis was once again emasculated by his wife. The next night on 205 Live they were both used in a very serious and heated in-ring promo at each other, leading to a now-anticipated match between the two. Alvarez said 205 Live is a WWE show that has none of Vince McMahon’s fingerprints on it.


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