Backstage Updates on Eric Bischoff Working WWE SmackDown Behind-The-Scenes

New WWE SmackDown Executive Director Eric Bischoff hasn’t done much since beginning his new role with the company last month, at least at the weekly TV tapings, according to Bryan Alvarez on Wrestling Observer Live.

Alvarez noted today that word from other WWE employees who sit in on the weekly production meetings is that Bischoff isn’t doing much besides showing up. It was also noted that Dave Kapoor and Bruce Prichard have been putting the shows together, and as usual Vince McMahon gives the final approval.

There’s been a lot of fan speculation on Bischoff being responsible for some of the recent SmackDown creative, but that is not the case. Word from backstage is that Bischoff is not responsible for any of the recent creative. There’s no word yet on what Bischoff has been doing at WWE HQ in Stamford, CT, but his role has been limited when it comes to work at the weekly SmackDown TV tapings.

It was reported back on August 1 that Bischoff was still learning who everyone is and what the overall system is. It was reported the week before that how Bischoff was spending time with the writers and sitting in on the meetings, but still had no creative input into the actual show. It sounds like that is still the case. It’s also been said that Bischoff and new RAW Executive Director Paul Heyman, who is working on weekly red brand creative, will be responsible for some of the new WWE merchandise ideas.

As noted, Vince spoke about why he hired Heyman and Bischoff for the new roles during the WWE 2019 Q2 earnings call last month. While Vince discussed the new hires more than once, he did not mention Heyman and Bischoff by name. Vince first referenced the new roles for Heyman and Bischoff during his opening statement to investors that morning. The Chairman and CEO noted twice during the call how the new Executive Director hires will prevent him from “getting in the weeds” as he has in the past.

“One the things that we’ve done is hire 2 Executive Directors, one for Raw and 1 for SmackDown and in doing so, it allows me to look at a longer-range story – our standpoint and also spend more time on talent development and not get into the weeds as much as I had to do in the past. That is a really, really good thing for a long-term as well as short-term. Actually, we’ve seen a big result already,” Vince said in his opening statement. (H/T to Seeking Alpha for the transcript.)

Vince was later asked by an investor about why the company chose to hire Executive Directors at this time, and how much latitude Heyman and Bischoff will have.

“Why now question is a logical one,” Vince said. “I can’t personally be in the weeds any longer and we have these 2 individuals who have a longer range of point of view and a developmental point the of view. Both of these individuals have extensive backgrounds in the business from various aspects and with the organizational aspects that they have and the depth of talent, executive talent we now attract is going to be really good for our business. And how much latitude they will have, that’s again it allows me to have a broader overview of things and escape from just getting on the weeds. So they’ll have a lot of latitude.”

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