Bandido Talks NJPW, Wanting To Work There Over CMLL, Flamita Coming To ROH

Ring of Honor star Bandido recently interviewed with Solo Wrestling where the luchador revealed that he has a strong desire to work with NJPW and represent Mexico in their Super Juniors tournament.

I’d love to. It would be a dream come true to represent Mexico in the Best of the Super Jr or in any other New Japan tournament. Before signing with ROH it was impossible for me, because you have to be signed to CMLL in Mexico if you wanna do something like that. But now that I have this contract with ROH I hope the partnership helps.

Bandido even admitted that he’s rather work in Japan than CMLL.

I’d rather do Japan. Actually, I trained in CMLL and they never gave me an opportunity. When I talked with them, they told me that there was no plan for me, and that’s fair. Now I have a bigger name and I’m doing more things, so I think I’m gonna work more outside Mexico now rather than stay there.

He then talked about fellow lucha-libre wrestler Flamita possibly joining ROH.

I hope Flamita gets an opportunity soon so they (ROH) can see how good he is and that he can be part of this company. We are working on dates and schedule, but I hope he comes to ROH sooner than later. That’s a proposal I had, the Mexa Blood in ROH, but yeah, that’s all the office.


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