Becky Lynch Believes Ronda Rousey Will Leave WWE If She Loses at WrestleMania

As seen above, Becky Lynch spoke with TMZ Sports this week in New York City. Becky was asked what RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey meant when she said their WrestleMania 35 “Winner Takes All” Triple Threat main event with SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair was a “do or die” moment for Rousey’s WWE career.

“Well, OK, so we know Ronda, don’t we at this stage? So, what has been so strategic in my playbook is that I triggered her little God complex,” Lynch said. “When Ronda feels untouchable that’s when she gets put to sleep, that’s when she gets knocked out, and we all know what happens to Ronda when that happens, she goes and she cries under a blanket for a year or whatever, but she can’t hack it, so she gets her jacket and she’s out of there.”

Lynch was asked if she really thinks Rousey will walk away from WWE if she doesn’t win the WrestleMania 35 main event on Sunday.

“Oh yeah, absolutely,” Lynch responded. “She won’t be able to hack it. She won’t be able to take it, she won’t be able to look defeat in the face and say, ‘I can come back from this.’ The only thing she knows how to do is be invincible or be gone.”

Becky continued, “Charlotte has been naturally selected by all of her daddy’s friends backstage. And Ronda did come in with the name, she at one stage was the baddest woman on the planet, but I think I exposed Ronda, at this stage she’s been exposed. I will survive Ronda. I know I can take a beating. I don’t get my confidence from thinking I’m not going to get beat. I get my confidence from knowing I can take a beating and come back from it. So, call me the underdog. I haven’t been the golden girl like the other two, but that’s what makes me stronger, that’s what makes it the main event. Because could you imagine the build-up if it was that freakin’ corporate main event with the two of them, just scowling at each other? Charlotte yelling and Ronda going on with her run-on sentences, with her big words that make no sense, whatsoever.”

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