Becky Lynch Comments On Controversial Main Event Finish From WrestleMania 35

The new WWE double women’s champion Becky Lynch recently spoke with the Gorilla Position to discuss the controversial finish from this past Sunday’s WrestleMania main event. Lynch states that she’s happy she beat Rousey with a wrestling move and would love for the Rowdy One to return in the future so she can have fun beating her again. Highlights of the interview are below.


I’m happy I beat her with a wrestling move after she insulted my business. She insulted my business and I beat her with a wrestling move. That’s all we need to know is that the ref counted to three and I became Becky Two-Belts.


I said it last night. I said, ‘Ronnie, you little weirdo, whenever you’re done sulking, the man will be right here ready to slap your empty head off your shoulders again.’ So I would love to see her come back. I would love to slap her across the face again, kick her in the gut, take her out and rip her arm right out of its socket. But we’ll see if that’s in the cards for her. I know that she’s probably hiding under a blankie and having a bit of a cry right now.

See the champ champ’s full interview below.


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