Becky Lynch On Headlining WrestleMania: “We Really Did It.”

In a new interview with the Orlando Sentinel WWE superstar Becky Lynch expresses her gratitude at being apart of the first women’s main event in WrestleMania history along with Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey. Lynch also states that if the matchup ended up just being Rousey and Charlotte, it would have been the most boring bout in history.

I just felt waves of gratitude and relief. We really did it. We got the main event. There were tears, lots of tears just streaming down my face. Everything I worked my entire life for was coming to fruition.

It started when I slapped the head off Charlotte. If I didn’t do that, if it was just Charlotte and Ronda, it would have been the most boring WrestleMania main event in history, and maybe not even the main event. Can you imagine? It needed me. The match needed me.

Lynch then opens up about the constant chip on her shoulder, and how she’ll always do whatever it takes to succeed.

I think frustration is a wonderful thing, a fantastic tool, if you use it properly. If you get frustrated and just bitch and moan, forget about it. But I love proving people wrong, so I use that frustration as rocket fuel.

Lynch also recalls her push almost getting derailed due to Nia Jax, but says that her ending up in the main event became the perfect story.

My nose wasn’t the problem. I can wrestle with a broken nose; it’s still on my face, isn’t it? The problem is, I was concussed. I thought it was just the stress. Looking back, if I don’t get concussed, I’m main eventing a different show, and we have to listen to Charlotte and Ronda whine all winter long, and I’m not in the main event of WrestleMania. So that’s the perfect ending.

Read the full interview here. 


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