Becky Lynch On Her Wrestlemania Gear, Building Interest Through Her Words & More

Becky Lynch was interviewed by Cathy Kelley on WWE Now prior to WWE Super Showdown. During the interview, she discussed the inspiration for her black and yellow ring gear that she wore at Wrestlemania 35, discussed how she uses her words to build interest and more. Here are the highlights:

On Her Wrestlemania Ring Gear:

They might have believed that I couldn’t achieve it and they didn’t want me to know that I could do it. That’s a thing that can happen often; when you become a threat to people, they don’t want you to succeed. Everybody wants to be your friend when you’re doing okay and on their level. But when you get above, and are a threat, it’s a whole different cattle of fish. That’s why I wear yellow and black. It’s a reminder to me that every time I go out there, there have been so many people who have chopped me down along the way and I’m coming for them.

On Arguing With Her Mom Over Wrestling:

My mom didn’t want me to wrestle. Years ago, she asked me to quit. We had all these fights about me wrestling and what my plan was and where this was going. For her to be at WrestleMania and witness that, it was pretty special. Don’t doubt me. Nobody. Not even me own mother.

On “Running Her Mouth” To Sell Tickets:

We are in the conflict business. I can sit around and talk about being grateful, singing kumbaya, and brushing their hair but that’s not what makes this interesting. What makes this interesting is me running my mouth on why I want to beat every single woman in that locker room, and any guy who wants to come at me too. That’s the part I focus on. Why do I hate everybody? I want someone to step up to the level, get in my face, and make history with me. I want a war for the ages, for the people.

You can listen to the full interview below:

Credit: WWE. H/T 411Mania.


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