Becky Lynch Responds To Mark Henry Criticism: “I Backed It All Up. Live With It.”

WWE Raw women’s champion Becky Lynch took to Twitter to respond to Hall of Famer Mark Henry’s criticisms of Lynch on a recent episode of Busted Open Radio. On the show, Henry called Lynch arrogant, a trait that doesn’t fit with her character as a babyface who fights for the people.

(Special thanks to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription)

Let’s go back to the Becky that was the underdog, that didn’t get an opportunity, that work her whole life, and then somewhere along the lines they go to where The Rock used to talk about himself in the third person. Don’t do that. That arrogance thing is not for her, that’s for Baron Corbin, that’s for Sami Zayn. If you want to be over, don’t be an assh—. Be the person that’s like, ‘Look, I’m fighting for the fans. I never had anybody stand up for me.’ That’s what I want her to be, ‘Nobody ever stood up for me. I had to do it myself.’ That’s what I want out of Becky. That’s the way it was.

Lynch fired back, asking why wouldn’t she be arrogant when she’s backed up everything she’s done.

Henry would later clarify his comments on Twitter after receiving quite a backlash from fans who side with Lynch. You can see that, as well as hear Henry’s original comments, below.


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