Beer City Bruiser On Training With Harley Race, Wanting To Be A Coach

Beer City Bruiser On Training With Harley Race, Wanting To Be A Coach

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The Beer City Bruiser recently sat down for an exclusive interview with Fightful. During the interview, he discussed his time being mentored by Harley Race as well as his desire to coach other wrestlers. Here are the highlights:

On Working With Harley Race:

It was amazing. I started in Milwaukee under a guy named Trevor Adonis. That was like going to grade school and high school. I moved to Missouri for the five years I was there and it was like going to college with Harley. I learned so much more about the business part of wrestling. I’d find out that Harley would get to his office at about 10 AM, so I would show up at that time. I’d sit there and help do chores around the school or if he needed anything. In return, we’d watch his old matches and break them down for me. He had booking sheets from Wrestling At The Chase, and he’d break them down, why they did things,” said Bruiser. “We’d stay later, after camps, I wouldn’t leave until ten o’clock. I moved to Missouri for wrestling. I was that annoying kid who bugged Harley, but Harley would open up to everything.

On Wanting To Coach:

I’ve actually said to them I’d like to do some of that. We’re in the process of working things out. I currently train wrestlers here in Milwaukee, and I’ve been doing that for four years and have a lot of students that have gone on to success, it’s cool to see. I’ve relocated so many times for wrestling, I’m okay with it. You gotta move around.

You can listen to the interview below:

Credit: Fightful.


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