Bill Alfonso On How He Feels About AEW

Bill Alfonso was recently a guest on “The Apter Chat”. During the interview, he gave his thoughts on Cody Rhodes running AEW and what he thinks about the promotion as a whole. Here are the highlights:

On Cody Running AEW:

I think Cody is doing great, following in his dad’s footsteps. Big new promotion, that’s all about Dusty. I think he’d be super proud of both of his kids, super proud. I’m sure they’ll be successful, hopefully. Hopefully, they give me a call, ‘daddy!’


I think it’s good for the business because it’s going to create more jobs, gonna create more stuff for the wrestling fans to look at. They’re a little bit different market. You know Vince is the greatest of them all. Vince wants the doctor, [the doctor’s] wife and the two kids at ringside. So let’s see what AEW wants, you know what I mean? I think they’re a little more old school/new school mixed, kinda hardcore, they’re mixed with everything so I’m anxious to see what they got to offer or not. I think it’s gonna be great.

You can listen to the interview below:

Credit: The Apter Chat. H/T Wrestlezone.

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