Bill DeMott Bares Soul About Tragic Passing Of His Daughter, HBK Comments

Bill DeMott At Brooks College Of Health At UNF

Bill DeMott is featured in a story on the Times Daily website after speaking to 720 students at the Brooks College of Health at the University of North Florida.

The former WWE Performance Center head coach spoke about the tragic passing of his 20-year old daughter, Keri Ann DeMott, who died in 2015 after a being hit by a drunk-driver in an automobile accident.

The aforementioned Times Daily article contains quotes from DeMott, and also tells the story about how the DeMott family decided to be proactive when their daughter was tragically taken from them.

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After his daughter’s death, he and his wife decided instead of sitting at home and letting Keri Anne’s death gnaw away at them, they were going to tell the story, however painful it might be, in hopes they can prevent it from happening to others.

Lacey DeMott said her husband also talk to law enforcement officers about how important it is to keep drunk drivers of the streets. He’s even gone out with officers on “saturation patrols” and spoken to people who have just been charged for driving drunk.

He’s also addressed people convicted of DUI in victim’s impact panels about how their actions can impact people’s lives.

The DeMott family ended up founding the nonprofit organization called The Keri Ann DeMott Foundation in honor of their deceased daughter. The foundation was designed to honor her memory, share her story with others and one day hopefully end drunk, impaired and distracted driving.

In related news, WWE Hall Of Famer Shawn Michaels heard about the story. “The Heartbreak Kid” took to social media this weekend to share his support of DeMott.

“You do some amazing work,” exclaimed the WWE Hall Of Famer via his official Twitter page on Saturday afternoon.

Check out photos of Bill DeMott’s appearance at the Brooks College of Health at the University of North Florida, as well as more comments from the former longtime WWE head trainer at For more information on the Keri Ann DeMott Foundation, visit

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