Billy Kidman Talks About Trending on Twitter After Being Featured In a Kevin Owens Tweet (Video)

We noted over the weekend how Kevin Owens made a tweet knocking Shane McMahon for getting TV time at WWE Extreme Rules. He included a list of several current and former Superstars who were not booked on the card, including The Authors of Pain, Rey Mysterio, The Rock and current WWE producer Billy Kidman.

Below is video of Kidman backstage at last night’s pay-per-view, talking about trending on Twitter due to the list.

“It was very unexpected,” Kidman said of trending on Twitter. “Normally I just hop on and I actually haven’t been on Twitter in weeks, and I just randomly glanced on there and I had to keep refreshing it, like, ‘Why does my name keep popping up on there?’ Twitter’s after my time, so I don’t know… I know it’s important, but I had on idea why. As I started looking through and I’m like, ‘Don’t tell me I got fired. I know I didn’t die, so…’ Normally that’s why people trend. So I’m looking trhough and I saw what Kevin put out, and it’s cool. It’s all in good fun.”

For those who missed it, below is the tweet from Owens:

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