Blue Meanie Gives Thoughts On Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff Hiring, Talks Training Matt Riddle

ECW legend Blue Meanie was a guest on the WINCLY podcast to talk about Paul Heyman’s recent hiring as executive director for Monday Night Raw. Meanie begins by praising his old boss, stating that he only sees positive things coming from that decision because Heyman is so good at storytelling.

I can see nothing but positive things happen if WWE truly let Heyman have a voice. He’s always been a creative guy and now he’ll have a little bit of a governor on him with Vince McMahon. You can’t totally go overboard and stuff like that. I don’t think Paul would make things more violent. Everyone thinks Paul and they think ECW and they think violence. In my opinion, if ECW stayed around then it would have become something like ROH with the pure, technical, athletic wrestling. Paul was always good at thinking of storylines and making them make sense.

Meanie would continue…

Paul Heyman is a creative genius when it comes to in-ring and behind the camera. I think Vince has made a great choice to have a fresh set of eyes. …I think Vince is taking a step back and asking, ‘How can we breathe life into this? How can we make this more vital? How can we bring the numbers back up? It’s a business and WWE needs a little bit of help. They’ve had this secret all along, they’ve just invited him to take over the reins.

Meanie would then address the hiring of Eric Bischoff as executive director for SmackDown.

I think Bischoff will do good. The only thing that hurt Bischoff was Time Warner not wanting to be involved with wrestling anymore. They kind of sabotaged it. I think Bischoff is a great mind for the business and a great marketer. So if he has the chance to do with a full roster of Superstars…the world is his oyster. Just like with Heyman, they have a chance to do things with an owner that knows the business. Vince knows the business; Ted Turner didn’t know wrestling and the people at CNN didn’t know the wrestling business.

Finally Meanie discussed his relationship with NXT star Matt Riddle, calling the Bro a young Kurt Angle, and recalling how he helped shift Riddle’s attention to pro-wrestling at the Monster Factory, where he works as a trainer.

When WWE did the Riddle documentary and they interviewed me, I said I had done a Dory Funk dojo with Kurt Angle back in the day and you could see how Angle was at that stage right then and there. And Riddle reminds me of a young Angle. He’s a fan of the business and is athletic. He already has the gifts with amateur wrestling and MMA. All we did at The Monster Factory was reprogram his motherboard towards pro wrestling and make his skills fit into the world of pro wrestling.

Every day in the wrestling business is like Groundhog’s Day where you’re living the same day in and out. Watch. Rinse. Repeat. …Are you ready to do that day in and day out on top of what you put your body through in the ring? When it came to training Matt Riddle, I got him prepared for all of that stuff. He’s just a natural and a stud. I think he’s gonna be the biggest thing in WWE for a while to come. I think they should let him marinate a little bit in NXT to the point where WWE is begging him to come over to the main roster.

You can find the full interview attached below. (H/T and transcribed by Wrestling Inc.)


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