Board Of Directors From ROH Want Referees To Strictly Enforce Rules In 2019

Ring Of Honor

In a new statement released by ROH senior referee Todd Sinclair, the Board of Directors from ROH are empowering refs to strictly enforce the rules during matchups. Sinclair, who has worked for the promotion for 15 years, states that doing this will allow wrestling talent to compete at a higher level because the bouts will be more focused on which competitor is better, and less on breaking the rules.

I think the directives that the Board of Directors has given us referees going into 2019 is a perfect balance of ensuring that things are fair, while still allowing the wrestlers to use their skills and athleticism to show who is better inside that ring.

or me, it all comes down to the Code of Honor. It’s what Ring of Honor was founded on, and it has always been at the very core of everything that we do. Sure, there have been periods where the focus seems to have strayed from the Code of Honor, but history has shown that things will eventually come full circle. I feel that here in 2019, we’re back to that full circle point, and that makes me happy. I’m a huge, huge proponent of the Code of Honor.

Check out the full, detailed article from ROH here. 

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