Bob Backlund On What He’s Most Proud Of & More

Bob Backlund was recently interviewed by WrestlingInc. During the interview, he revealed that he’s most proud of a book that was written about his life. He also touched on playing a presidential candidate during the 1990s. Here are the highlights:

On What He’s Most Proud Of:

I’m most proud of a book from a gentleman who I was his childhood hero. I told him my life story and he put it on paper.

On What He Wants People To Learn When Reading His Book:

I go around and talk to a lot of kids at wrestling tournaments. I talk to the moms and dads. If they purchase the book, I explain to them that mom and dad should read the book first and highlight the spots where I learned a lesson.

I learned six things from high school wrestling and I talk about that in the book and these six things are what made me very successful…. When I left to go into the wrestling business, I was very confident that I was going to use these principles and that I was going to get to the top.

On His Presidential Storyline:

Well, they needed a different president…That’s all. They needed someone else. I had fun doing that.

You can listen to the interview below:

Credit: WrestlingInc.


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