Bobby Fish On Not Loving His Time With ROH & What He Thinks Affected Hideo Itami’s WWE Run

Bobby Fish was a guest on “E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness” several weeks ago. During the interview, he discussed his time in Ring of Honor being “choppy” as well as why he believes that Hideo Itami’s WWE run was less than stellar despite his incredible international accomplishments. Here are the highlights:

On His First Wrestling Experience In Japen Being Eye Opening:

Yeah, I mean, to be honest, like, it was a complete mind-eff, for lack of a better term. So I remember being there on my first tour and Low Ki was there. I get to the hotel and they were going to go eat somewhere and I was like, ‘okay, let me bring my bags in.’ He’s like, ‘no, you can just leave them there.’ We’re out in the street basically. We’re by the hotel, but we’re outside. He’s like, ‘no, just leave them there. Nobody’s going to touch them.’ And obviously, being a kid from the [United] States, you don’t trust that, but I did. I left them there and we go eat. I come back and sure as s–t they’re right there. The little things like that about Japan, there’s no handbook to clue you into these things, but it’s an amazing place.

On How The Stiff Style Of N.O.A.H. Negatively Affected His Early Development:

If I look back to the time at NOAH, man, we got beat up pretty good. Not in a hazing sort of way or anything, but, like, as the foreigners, we were there to make them, put the Japanese guys over and whatever. Especially a young guy, a green guy, who doesn’t really know his ass from his elbow, yeah, they really put it to us. So it was tons of head drops and it was pretty stiff and at the time, I just thought, ‘well, this is how you do it.’ So I would think, at that point in my career, I came out of that kind of as a stiffy wonder and it kind of took me a bit after that to kind of wash that off myself because I thought, ‘well, that’s how you do it.’ So I think I was gaining some understanding, but at the same time I was also gaining some knowledge that was incorrect.

On His Time With ROH Being “Choppy”:

My history with Ring Of Honor is a little bit choppy because when Tony [DeVito] trained me, he was working for Ring Of Honor. ECW had just closed. Tony had then been wrestling for Ring Of Honor, so, as one of his kids, students, or whatever you want to call it, we would go, set up the chairs and ‘pay the dues’. So I definitely did a few Ring Of Honor spots over the years here and there, but nothing ever stuck. And you couldn’t have told me this at the time, but I certainly wasn’t ready for a place like Ring Of Honor at the time, but I sure as hell thought I was.

On Thinking Hideo Itami’s Injury Ridden WWE Run Resulted From Working Too Stiff In Japan:

I think everybody was probably going a bit too hard. I think everybody should have laid off the coffee a bit at NOAH and Ring Of Honor at the time because we were really putting it to each other. I hate to say it because I worked with KENTA a lot over there before he came here and to see the unfortunate circumstances of some of the injuries that he had here, I don’t know. I’ve got to think that maybe some of that is left over from the years on top there where they were going out and working half-hour matches where it was three, four, [or] five head drops and kicks to the face. And stuff looked real because the s–t was real.

On Feeling Like He Didn’t Know What Being A Worker Meant Until He Was A Ten Year Vet:

Just being able to work and knowing what working actually is because I’m sure, I’m pretty sure, for the first 10 years that I called myself a worker, I didn’t actually know what a worker was. I thought I did, but I don’t think I was working much.

On Still Learning The Business Today:

Yeah, I think as you go along you start to understand there are layers to it. I find myself now three or four times a week sitting in class with friggin’ Shawn Michaels. And some of the ways he sees the [professional wrestling] business, and things that stick out to him, and just the little details and stuff like that, you just realize you couldn’t possibly understand it all at once even if you tried. It’s just not possible.

You can listen to the full podcast below:

Credit: E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness. H/T WrestlingInc.

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