Booker T On Turning Down An Offer To Be In The NWO, Says Bischoff Protected Him, The Faction Getting Diluted

On a recent episode of his Hall of Fame podcast, wrestling legend Booker T breaks down WCW’s hottest faction, the NWO, and explains how it took the wrestling world by storm. Booker reveals that he was offered a spot by Kevin Nash and Scott Hall because they “needed a little color,” but turned them down because he felt like he would do better on his own. He also talks about the group getting diluted with talent, Eric Bischoff protecting him well, and why he was only apart of the WWE version of NWO for one week. Highlights below.

NWO being one of the greatest ideas in the business:

When Hall and Nash came in…and then Hogan…the NWO was formed. It totally took the wrestling world by storm. It was something that was unique. Not only did the fans want to be apart of it, but all the wrestlers wanted to be apart of it. There was a lot of merchandise and revenue. I know Hogan and all those guys were making a lot of money at that time. I thought it was one of the greatest ideas in the history of the business. Honestly.

The group becoming diluted with too many guys:

When it did become diluted with so many guys joining the NWO it became something totally different. For me…I don’t know…I was watching the show as a fan as well. When I watch almost everyone on the roster come out to the same music…I thought that didn’t look too cool. It didn’t look like you was an individual. It didn’t seem like you was a leader if you was apart of that group. That was just my opinion.

Turning down an offer to be in the NWO:

Kevin Nash and Scott Hall…they came to me. Kevin said, “Hey Book…we love for you to be apart of the NWO. We need some color bro.” That wasn’t a shot at me, we boys. Me Scott and Kev, we boys. We tight. We family. I said, “Hey I appreciate it man but I’m a solo act man.”

I stayed away from the NWO because I thought I would do a whole lot better just being out on my own not fighting against the NWO. I never really fought against the NWO, but just staying away from that and creating my own on my own little island…I thought it would do good for me in my career. And it really did because I was one of the only guys that was different that was coming out of the curtain back then that you could go “Booker T man…this is different.”

Eric Bischoff protecting him well:

I was protected man. Eric Bischoff, I must say, he was a guy that protected me and made sure that I wasn’t the guy getting a Diamond Cutter. I wasn’t the guy getting the spear and the jackhammer, and I wasn’t the guy getting a beatdown by the NWO. So I must say I was protected in a certain sense.

The WWE version of NWO:

It was kind of weird. I was reluctant. I didn’t want to do it. I was in it for one week, and I got superkicked out. My thing was…I always felt i was better on my own.

Check out a clip of Booker’s comments below.

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