Brandi Rhodes Disputes Notion That AEW Isn’t Family Friendly

Brandi Rhodes had an interesting interaction with a fan on Twitter over the weekend. It started when she posted to introduce new merchandise in the form of a stuffed animal version of Pharoah, the Rhodes’ family dog.

A fan responded by questioning the family friendly nature of the organization. He called the promotion “schizophrenic” in that they are willing to promote adult wrestling content that takes place in bars while marketing products for purchase to children.

Rhodes responded by letting the fan know that if by “schizophrenic” he meaned “inclusive’, then she was ok with the label. The fan didn’t stop there as he posted a picture of Joey Ryan doing a “Penis Plex” along with a question of whether she could bring her daughters to “Double or Nothing”. Brandi’s final response was that she absolutely could and that Double or Nothing would be a great family event. Here is the series of Tweets between Rhodes and the fan:

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