Braun Strowman On How Vince McMahon Found Out Who He Was & More

Braun Strowman was a recent guest on the “Notsam” podcast. During the appearance, he discussed Vince McMahon being hands on with his career and how he ended up getting Vince’s attention. Here are the highlights:

On How Many Matches He Wrestled Before Hitting The Main Roster:

When I debuted the night after SummerSlam in 2015, that was the eighth time I’d been in the wrestling ring for a match.

On Vince McMahon Being Hands On With His Character:

The big thing [was] being put into positions to succeed. Vince and I have had a very close relationship, and he has been hands on with Braun Strowman since Braun Strowman was invented. And I’m part of one of his brainchild’s, and he loves my work ethic and what I do, and how passionate I am about it. That that’s why he continues to invest in me the way that he does.

On How Vince McMahon Found Out Who He Was:

It blows my mind man, literally on a day-to-day [basis]. Because talking like, coming in that’s my eighth match when I debuted. I haven’t been even doing this for four years, and look what I’ve done in the short amount of time we’ve been here. I’m very thankful for it. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I’ve been put into positions and had opportunities than not necessarily everybody gets. But everybody in this company, whether they think they do or they want to complain or whatever, everybody gets an opportunity to do something. It’s what you do with it. Like, a lot of people don’t know, the only reason Vince McMahon ever knew who I was, ever saw me was because I was a Rosebud. That’s the only [place that] Vince saw me. He saw me, goes, ‘Who is that, and why the **** is he doing that?

You can listen to the podcast below:

Credit: Notsam Podcast. H/T 411Mania.

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