Bray Wyatt Sends Twitter Apology To The Shield, Says He Would Love To Join

WWE star Bray Wyatt continues his transformation from the “Eater of Worlds” to the dark friendly host of FireFly Funhouse. Wyatt has already attempted to clear his conscious from past atrocities with the likes of Randy Orton…now he does the same with members of the Shield. In a new Tweet, Wyatt apologizes to Roman Reigns and Universal champion Seth Rollins for their rivaled past before alerting them that he would happily be their third if another Shield reunion was ever needed.

Dear @WWERomanReigns and @WWERollins, I just wanted to let you know that I’m SUPER SORRY for all the atrocities I have committed against you guys over the years. If you ever need a 3rd for a Shield reunion, we are totally down! Best friends?

Wyatt even tags the former member of the Hounds of Justice, Jon Moxley (aka Dean Ambrose). See both tweets below.


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