Bray Wyatt's Character Not Being Toned Down

Bray Wyatt’s Character Not Being Toned Down

There had been some speculation that Bray Wyatt’s new Fiend character was too scary for some sponsors. The fear was that his gimmick would need to be toned down to continue. Wrestling Observer Radio says there is nothing to these claims.

“People have been saying this for weeks even though there’s nothing to it…. That Bray Wyatt has to be toned down for sponsors. And there’s [legitimately] nothing to that story at all. There he was – on the show.” – Dave Meltzer

Rumors start every week about how Bray Wyatt’s character will be watered down because of a new line the gimmick has crossed. Just recently rumors circulated that Wyatt’s new lamp that he carries to the ring would be dropped. The lamp is designed to look like Bray Wyatt’s head being carried by the Fiend. A few days after the rumors started, news dropped that the lamp would be used in future merchandise. You can also find shirts featuring Bray’s chainsaw and scary puppets on WWE Shop.



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