Bret Hart Rips Hulk Hogan Over Wrestlemania IX & More

Bret Hart Rips Hulk Hogan Over Wrestlemania IX & More

Bret Hart discussed a wide range of topics during the “Bret Hart In His Own Words” panel at Starrcast. Here are the highlights:

On When He Found Out Hogan Would Be Winning The World Title At Wrestlemania IX:

I was honored to be in the main event at the time, but I had no warning about losing the belt in that fashion.

On Hogan Not Keeping His Word:

Hogan told me “I’m happy to return the favor anytime.” Hulk Hogan is the biggest liar of all time.

On What Really Caused The Montreal Screwjob:

What started the whole thing was Shawn Michaels insulting me after I tried to come forward to him and say that I would never take liberties with him the in ring and that I’d lose the belt if I had to. Shawn threw it back in my face and said he wouldn’t return the favor. That insulted me and Vince McMahon never properly dealt with it.

On Hating When Wrestlers Thank Triple H & Stephanie During Their Hall Of Fame Speeches:

I never understood why wrestlers thank Triple H & Stephanie during their Hall of Fame speeches. Triple H and Stephanie aren’t the reasons that they had a successful career. They should be thanking the other wrestlers that helped get them there.

On The Tag Teams Inducted Into The WWE Hall of Fame & How Unfair The Selection Process Is:

The Fabulous Freebirds are in the WWE Hall of Fame and their merits pretty much start and end with getting drunk all of the time. Meanwhile, Demolition is one of the greatest teams of all time and the WWE won’t induct them because of the lawsuits they are involved with against the company.

Credit: Starrcast. H/T 411Mania.


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