Brian Cage How It Feels To Be Injured While IMPACT Heavyweight Champion

Brian Cage was recently a guest on WINCLY. During the appearance, he discussed how frustrated he is to be the IMPACT World champ but unable to defend his title. He also detailed the extent of his injury and how it happened. Here are the highlights:

On Winning The IMPACT World Title:

It’s awesome and I can’t believe it’s real. This is the aspiration and goal for anyone and everyone in our business. I’ve always been asked, even during the whole program with John, people were asking me ‘Why haven’t you won the big won?’ That was the million-dollar question as it never happened and I never really got the opportunity.

On Not Being Able To Defend The Title:

Not being able to compete and defend the title as regularly as I’d like [because of the injury] is a bummer, but it’s awesome. I’m very thankful.

On How He Got Hurt:

It happened during the Spanish Fly onto the floor. We get hurt a lot and I was differentiating between being hurt and being injured. I kept thinking, ‘Maybe it will subside. Maybe it will subside.’ But there was no subsiding.

The initial injury was caused by the Spanish Fly onto the floor off the stage and that powerbomb afterwards [from Michael Elgin] didn’t help either,

On Continuing The Match:

I feel like a lot of people wanted the match to stop except me. I was like, ‘No, no, no. We’re gonna see this thing through the end.

On Not Knowing IMPACT EVP Ed Nordholm Went To The Hospital With Him:

He was the one who drove us there and he stayed until we left. Ed’s real cool and funny. He’s a very easygoing guy and very easy to talk to. Real chill, real relaxed. It’s really cool that he took us and tried to make us as comfortable as possible while we were there.

In the heat of it, I was in so much pain and so tired and so hungry that it didn’t even really hit me until after the fact [that Nordholm was at the hospital].

On When He Hopes To Return:

I don’t know when I’m gonna return, but my goal and hope is to be back by Slammiversary.

You can listen to the podcast below:

Credit: WINCLY.

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