Brian Cage On Ken Shamrock, His Title Reign

Brian Cage On Ken Shamrock, His Title Reign

Brian Cage was interviewed by Wrestlezone during Starrcast weekend. During the interview, he talked about his back and forth with Ken Shamrock on social media as well as the difficulty of having his entire IMPACT World Title reign marred by injury. Here are the highlights:

On His Back & Forth With Ken Shamrock:

I think it was actually Scott D’Amore that started that conversation right after I won the title. It was just like some kind of random back and forth that just kind of happened, which I thought was fun and neat, and then actually led to Shamrock coming back to the company. Now he’s working Moose and yeah, if he’s sticking around and I have an opportunity to work with him that would be fantastic.

I thought he was phenomenal, man. And he was a jacked guy who could do some cool moves, he did some athletic stuff so he was like an old-school Brian Cage. I felt like he never got as much credit as he deserved.

On His Injury Marring His Title Reign:

I’ve been out for a little while due to injury. I know everybody thinks it was just an angle on TV, but no, it’s been legit. Ever since I won the title. If I hit the tip of the iceberg, it’s been a roller coaster of downfalls ever since then. Like every time I take a step forward I take a step back.

You can listen to the interview below:

Credit: Wrestlezone.


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