Brian Cage On Which Wrestler He Feels Is Overlooked & More

Slammiversary XVII: Cage vs. Elgin

During a recent interview with Wrestlezone, Brian Cage discussed all things IMPACT. He gave his thoughts on Johnny Impact’s new “Johnnywood” personality, how highly he regards Jordynne Grace and why he considers Willie Mack to be the most overlooked wrestler in the company. Here are the highlights:

On Johnnywood:

I think it’s great. That’s him. He’s being open and honest with himself, and I feel like that’s him at his best. If he gets the best responses and better reactions, then more power to him. I got a little bit of vindication from beating him—I beat him hurt and won the title, so I have no problem defending it. I’ll take care of Elgin first, but if John wants a rematch I won’t make him jump through hoops, he can just have it and then I’ll beat him and move on.

On Willie Mack Being Overlooked:

I’d love to still work with Willie. As great as Willie is, somehow I still feel like he gets overlooked. People don’t really appreciate how great he is. I’d be very much open to him having a shot at the title and I’d love to bring that to IMPACT. With it being for the World Championship it would mean more, but it loses a little bit of the coolness [factor] because the X Division with two superheavyweights would have been a little unique. It would have been a cool little spin on it, but regardless of what title is on the line, or if either one of us has a title, we’re still going to have the match of the night like we always do. I’ve been extremely excited for the opportunity to face him in IMPACT and put our matches on TV.

On Jordynne Grace:

I think Jordynne is phenomenal. I’ve had the opportunity to work with her on the indies—I’d still probably put Tessa as the best female right now—but Jordynne is right up there with her. The future should be bright for both of them, and I’m glad Jordynne signed on and stayed with [the company]. I was a pretty big advocate for IMPACT to go and get both of those ladies, and I don’t think you’ve been able to see a whole lot of what Jordynne’s been capable of because she hasn’t had too many highly competitive or long-lasting matches [on IMPACT TV]. I’m excited.

You can read the interview HERE

Credit: Wrestlezone.

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