Brian Pillman Talks About His Upcoming Matchup With Tommy Dreamer At Tonight's MLW Chicago

Brian Pillman Talks About His Upcoming Matchup With Tommy Dreamer At Tonight’s MLW Chicago

The New Hart foundation, consisting of members Teddy Hart, Davey Boy Smith Jr, and Brian Pillman Jr are set to compete tonight at MLW’s Fightland in Chicago. Pillman will be going up against the legendary Tommy Dreamer in singles-action, and looks to make quite a statement against the legendary ECW competitor. That’s what he told the WINCLY podcast in a recent interview, claiming that the age of Dreamer is over, and that it’s up to him to end it.

I expect to have one hell of a match. You’re talking about an ECW legend, one of the hottest names still on the indies today. You know, he’s on his way out, it is my time now and his time is up. It is unfortunate that these people will continue to milk the business for all the fame that they have built over the years. I think its time to let some new talent in and let the old philosophy die, along with those old ways.

I’m looking to get into the ring and it is going to be very physical, very painful. It is always painful when you’re pulling someone out of their dream, out of their matrix. I’m sure he still thinks he is 25, but the sad part is he’s not. When I pull him out of the matrix and show him the reality of things it is going to be ugly. He can innovate all of the violence he wants, but at the end of the day I have time on my side. I got the youth, the athleticism, the looks. He’s just another guy. As far as I’m concerned, Tommy Dreamer is going to have one hell of a battle tonight. I’m not going down, my back is against the wall. I can only win for MLW, I can only win for the Hart Foundation. I am not going down easily.

Check out the full episode of the WINCLY here.


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