Britt Baker Talks Her Dentist Degree, Feeling Better After Suffering Concussion, Relationship With Adam Cole and more

Britt Baker Injured At AEW Fight For The Fallen

AEW star Dr. Britt Baker was recently interviewed by TV Insider to hype the upcoming ALL OUT pay per view event on August 31st from Illinois. Baker discusses how important it was for her to not only pursue her dream of professional wrestling, but complete her dentist degree as well. She also gives an update on her health following a concussion suffered at Fight for the Fallen, and dives into her supportive relationship with current NXT champion, Adam Cole. Highlights are below.

Completing her dentist degree:

I think it’s no secret and surprise that being in the world of dentistry puts me in a different light. I have the educational background. I have the degree, the doctorate on top of being a wrestler. Not to brag or boast, but it’s impressive. I appreciate very much AEW recognizes that because it was so much hard work. For me, the biggest accomplishment I will probably ever have in my entire life was completing my dental degree and signing a wrestling contract to a major company. So, to have that acknowledgement and recognition means a lot to me.

How she plans on juggling dentistry and wrestling once AEW starts television:

It’s going to be a lot to handle and juggle. But it’s something I’m not used to, as I had to do the same thing through dental school. That was actually a million times harder because every time I left and got to go home for the night, I had hours and hours of homework to greet me when I walked in the door. I don’t have homework anymore, so that makes it a little more manageable. For the most part, I will be in the dental office Monday through Friday when we aren’t filming. When I fly home the morning after TV tapings, I will get off the plane and go straight to the dental office.

How she’s feeling since suffering a concussion:

They had me follow up with a neuro-ophthalmologist because I had some post-concussion vision problems. Since then my vision is fine. I feel great. I feel awesome. This week was the first week that I have been doing some very simple bumps and rolls in the ring. I feel good. I’m hoping any day now to have a hundred percent clearance and return to the ring.

Having mixed emotions about getting injured while wrestling:

You have the severity of the concussion itself, but what rattled me is I never had the feeling that, ‘Oh my gosh, something I love brought me some pain and agony. It’s a lot of mixed emotions. It’s a nice reality check of how dangerous the sport can be and how we put our bodies on the line every day for entertainment and professional wrestling. It all circles back to when you love what you do, it’s all worth it. You just have to be careful.

Relationship with Adam Cole:

We are both so excited for each other. We’re each other’s biggest fans and support system. Then you can’t help but be sad that you’re missing out on some of each other’s biggest nights and accomplishments. When you have a show on the same night, we can’t be watching each other’s shows since we have our own obligations to fulfill.

No matter what, he backs me one hundred percent. He loves what I’m doing and is so proud of me. And it’s the same with me for him. I feel really lucky because this could be a really difficult relationship to be in if we got too caught up in the ‘us versus them’ mentality. We are not like that at all because at the end of the day we want each other to be successful. We really want everyone to be successful.

The AEW women’s roster:

We want to be the top of the game. We want to be the women’s roster everyone is talking about. There is pressure more than anything, but pressure is good. If we weren’t nervous and had this feeling it would mean we didn’t care. Right now personally I’ve been trying to slowly take it all in as much as I can. I know it’s going to pick up really soon, so I’m trying to just relax and smell the roses.


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