Brody King Talks Signing With ROH, Shoots Down WWE and AEW Rumors, His Wrestling Style

Indie star Brody King, who competed in promotions such as MLW and PWG, interviewed with the WINCLY podcast discussing his recent signing with ROH. King also talks a little bit about his in-ring style, and shoots down rumors about offers from WWE and AEW.

HIS WRESTLING STYLE: My style is so different than most other big guys. I’m 6’5″ 270lb but I can also move around like a 5’10” luchador. You’ll see me having these bloody matches where we’re beating the crap out of each other, but at the same time, I can do a hurricarana or a springboard and dive out of the ring.

SIGNING WITH ROH: I guess all the dots just connected at the right time. I did a lot of indie promotions last year – I think I wrestled for almost every major indie promotion in America as well as places in Canada and Mexico. When ROH came calling, it was just right place, right time. They offered me a very great offer and being put with Marty in the Villain Enterprises was huge as well. So it all worked out together.

RUMORS OF JOINING WWE OR AEW: No, I didn’t have offers from either one. You always hear the dirt-sheet rumblings, but I never trust those to be fact. ROH was always the company that I looked to work for in the future because they have connections with CMLL in Mexico and NJPW in Japan and those are places that I would definitely want to work in the future. Also ROH has a great roster of guys and a lot of great people have come from ROH so I think it’s a great place to be at the time.


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