Bronson Reed Challenges Shane Thorne to a Match on WWE NXT (Video)

Bronson Reed Challenges Shane Thorne to a Match on WWE NXT (Video)

Below is new video of Australian WWE NXT Superstars Shane Thorne and Bronson Reed having words ahead of tonight’s NXT episode. Thorne has had issued with the NXT Breakout Tournament competitors since the tournament began, accusing them of taking up TV time for people like him.

Thorne interrupted Reed’s interview, discussing the tournament.

“The Breakout Tournament was something special, it was full of amazing competitors and it was one of the biggest opportunities of my career, but now that I’m h ere, I’m going to ask Mr. Regal for more because I am the leader of Australian Strong Style, and I am NXT’s resident Thick Boy, and…,” Reed told the interviewer before Thorne interrupted.

“You know mate, really? I know we’re meant to be mates and all but Mr. Regal don’t have time for you, he’s a busy man and he already gave you an opportunity. What did you do? You blew it,” Thorne said.

Reed and Thorne continued to argue over Reed blowing it. Thorne went on about everything he did to help get Reed into NXT, and all he did was waste everyone’s time. Reed then challenged Thorne to a match. Thorne warned him that it’s a bad idea to pick a fight with him, but he accepted.

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