Bruce Prichard On A Funny Interaction Between The Iron Sheik & Kurt Angle & Wrestlemania X-7

Bruce Prichard On A Funny Interaction Between The Iron Sheik & Kurt Angle & Wrestlemania X-7

During a recent episode of “Something To Wrestle”, Bruce Prichard discussed a funny occurrence at Wrestlemania X-7 that saw The Iron Sheik confront Kurt Angle over Angle beating his protege to win his Olympic gold medal. Here are the highlights:

On Why The Iron Sheik Was Seeking Kurt Angle Out At The Show:

The best part of that day, I think, was Kurt Angle. And Kurt Angle, 1996 Olympic gold medalist who beat the Iranian. And as soon as Sheik arrived, he’s like, ‘Where? Where is this jabroni gold medal Kurt Angle? He — my man! My man, my boy I trained, and Kurt Angle, he get gold medal when the Iranian, my trainee should have got that.’ And of course, as soon as Sheik starts this, there’s certain people who start poking the bear with Kurt. ‘Hey Kurt! Yeah, man, Sheik’s looking for you, he’s gonna stretch your ass because you cheated against his protege in the Olympics.’ And Kurt’s like ‘Ah, f**k, come on man.’ And Kurt is so respectful, and just — he’s excited to meet the Sheik, but at the same time he’s like, ‘Oh god, is he really as crazy as you guys say?’

On What Happened When Sheik Met Angle:

So he [Angle]’s excited at first, and we’re in catering, and I come walking Sheik over. And said, ‘Sheik, Kurt Angle. Kurt, Khosrow Vaziri. [Sheik impression] ‘Ah, so great to meet you Mr. Kurt Angle. I humble myself to you. You know, my man–‘ [laughs] He goes right into the f**king Olympic match. And he just kept on, and he wouldn’t let go. And Kurt had a match he was trying to get, and we were trying to get the battle royal put together and what have you.

On Why The Iron Sheik Won The Gimmick Battle Royal:

The reason — I’ll say it is, the reason Sheik won the damn thing is, is who the hell — he couldn’t get over the top rope! It took him 45 minutes to get to the ring. And you know, nobody was going to — I don’t think he could have gotten over the top rope safely, and that was obviously, again, long before we had our medical protocols and what have you, where somebody tells you you’re good to go in the ring, ‘Okay, let’s put them in the ring.’ So we had those situations going on with guys that probably should not have been in the ring, probably me included.

You can listen to the podcast below:

Credit: Something To Wrestle. H/T 411Mania.


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