Bruce Prichard On Burt Reynolds Screaming At Him At Wrestlemania X

On the most recent episode of “Something To Wrestle”, Bruce Prichard told a great story on Burt Reynolds screaming at him backstage due to not liking how Prichard talked to him. Here’s the story as told by Prichard:

Burt’s job was to introduce the match, introducing Roddy as the guest referee for the match. And we’re in the dressing room now, and I have cards made up for Burt, and I’m explaining to him, I said ‘the only thing I ask of you, is when you’re getting ready to introduce Roddy, I said please, just, now introducing your guest referee, stop, and then once the music hits, give yourself about 10 seconds before you introduce Roddy Piper. His music will hit, he’ll come out the entry way, we’ll let the crowd react, and then introduce Roddy.’ Burt flipped. I mean fucking flipped. I’ve never been cursed out like that in my life, in public, in that way. And he said, ‘you know, what you should have said, is you should have said, ya know, Mr. Reynolds, I’m sure in your over 40 years performing, that you might have done an introduction before in your life, and since you have starred in more movies than I’ve ever seen, maybe you should just say go on out there and have fun.’ But he’s yelling this in his locker room, and everyone stops and they’re all staring at me, so I said, ‘well Mr. Reynolds, in your over 40 years of performing I’m sure you’ve announced a thing or two, I tell you what why don’t you just go out there and have fun’ and I walked out of the dressing room feeling about two inches tall.

You can listen to the podcast below:

Credit: Something To Wrestle. H/T 411Mania.

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