Bruce Prichard On Chris Benoit & Eddie Guerrero Having Short Title Runs, Whether Randy Orton Was A Transitional Champion In 2004

On the latest episode of “Something To Wrestle”, Bruce Prichard discussed Wrestlemania XX and the aftermath that followed. He discussed the decisions on having Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero losing their world titles to Randy Orton and JBL after only holding them for a short period of time, whether it was a sign that the WWE wanted to move more towards WWE-style champions, and whether Randy Orton was a transitional champion to avoid having Chris Benoit losing to Triple H. Here are the highlights:

On Whether Benoit & Guerrero’s Short Title Reigns Were Because They Were Non-Traditional World Champions:

I don’t think so, no. And it was a decision made, first of all, with Layfield because we needed new characters and that was the goal there. And that was something that Eddie Guerrero actually suggested. ‘What if I drop the title to him?’ It’s like ‘Well, you know what? That’d sure as f**k make him.’ On the Raw side, you just said it. You couldn’t predict it. This was a, ‘You can’t call it.’ And it was shocking, and it was one of those situations where you’re looking at it, and nobody — I don’t think anybody in the building could really call that match. So that to me is the perfect attraction: when you can’t call it. So again, Randy being the future, here was a kid coming up fresh and young. Looked the part, was the part, fit everything about it. And it was time to go that way. So let’s try it, let’s move. The business is fluid, and when you’re live every week and you’re in that situation where, ‘Well, let’s try something else.’ You have that luxury when you have live TV and a PPV every month. So it was like, ‘What if? Let’s try it with Randy and see what you’ve got there.

On If Orton Was A Transitional Champion In 2004:

No, you had a story with Evolution. You had the whole story with Evolution where Randy wins the title, does Randy get the big head. It was Triple H, you’ve got Flair and Triple H who are the big dominant dogs in that pack, that feel that Triple H should be the champion. That was the story, it was about Evolution. And you put that on Randy, now it’s ‘Well, yeah, you know what kid? Good for you, bringing the title back to Evolution but it really belongs to me.’ That was the story. It was all story-driven. There wasn’t that story, you go back and beat Benoit, ‘Okay, I beat Benoit.’ An Evolution guy beat Benoit, but it was the wrong Evolution guy in Hunter and Flair’s mind.

You can listen to the podcast below:

Credit: Something To Wrestle. H/T 411Mania.


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